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      1. Interpretation of the "Compulsory National Standards Management Measures" Interpretation of Zhejiang's First Quick Test Standards for Farmers Markets Launched as "Tip-to-Tip Safety" Checkpoints "The Compilation and Evaluation Standards for the Implementation of Domestic Garbage" Established a New Method for Garbage Classification without Methodology ? Autopilot standards and regulations important step out of two Chinese rosewood furniture arts community standards officially released the Shanghai Public Data Standardization Technical Committee set up boost "to do a Netcom" "network unified management," "long-term lease apartments evaluation norms" of publicity to promote the industry standardization of human society Ministry: Cancellation of qualifications for skilled personnel in level evaluation is not the cancellation of professional standards. China's first mandatory national standard in the field of elderly care services. Release of the first domestic hotel online service standard. Promulgation of Quanlian Folk Cultural Relics and Art Chamber Announcement Minyi Biaozi [2019] No. 009 China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Sweden receives order Chinese standard "Go Global" adds new case Notice of China International Trade Promotion Commission Commercial Industry Committee on issuing group standards for "Description of Takeaway Food Delivery Service Meal Information Description" Group 's first domestic standard of "Red Date Products" Released the international standard project of kimchi developed by China and entered the inquiry stage . The series of standards for the "safety life of household appliances" was released. The "lifetime" of household appliances was marked and could be issued in accordance with the "Regulations for the Administration of Local Standards." item 5G standards Ministry of Public Security To implement industry standard "Road Traffic Management vehicle type" notice the National Health Health Commission Notice country Satcom No. 1 [2020]

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